Burbank and Glendale are some of the few cities that allow homeowners to keep horses in average size  back yards – The Equestrian area, which is called The Rancho, runs along the south side of the city near the Griffith Park area.  The primary goal of The Rancho is designed to protect horsekeeping properties and prevent encroachment by incompatible land uses that may prevent and/or disrupt the equestrian nature of the neighborhood.

The Rancho has horse lanes, instead of bike lanes, two different heights for street light buttons – one tall enough for rider on horse back  and one pedestrian height, hitching posts at restaurants, and horse trails.  In Burbank, if you take South Mariposa all the way to the end, you will see a bridge that takes horse and rider across to the Griffith Park trails.  The Equestrian Center, located in Burbank, Glendale and Los Angeles (it’s that large of a parcel) has horse boarding, horse training, outdoor polo stadium, indoor polo stadium, Grand Prix show jumping, barrel racing and party facilities.  Plus, every year, one or two special events that show case Spanish horses.  There is quite a bit of equestrian activity going on around there.

The Rancho of Burbank is south of Alameda between Buena Vista and Victory – with a few other streets dotted along the Alameda/Riverside corridor.  The Rancho of Glendale is called “Riverside Rancho” and is south of the 5 freeway, bordering Allen St., and the Bette Davis Picnic area, Rancho Drive and the Glendale Narrows.

Pricing for homes are considerably higher in these areas because of the land use option of horsekeeping.  Estimates of home prices 30% and higher are not out of the question when comparing a standard 3 bedroom 1800 square foot house in The Rancho areas in both communities.  As we start to carve out personal time from our jobs, commutes and obligations, having a place like The Rancho, Rancho Riverside and Griffith Park Equestrian in our area is special.  A neighborhood that allows horsekeeping in your own back yard, or short ride to The Equestrian Center to visit your horse that is close to down town Los Angeles and the Studio’s is a gem in the crown of both Burbank and Glendale.  If you are interested in learning more about The Rancho of Burbank or the Riverside Rancho area of Glendale, please contact Gigi Santoro – 818-237-5687