Santoro and Sons Real Estate Group Learning Center

We strive to provide you with good information that we hope will help you as a buyer, seller, first time homeowner or seasoned veteran!  We like to bring in experts to discuss areas of expertise all the time.  If you wish to be in one of our videos, please let us know!  Enjoy the information here and feel free to return for new videos and updated topics regularly.  We are happy to share our knowledge with everyone!

Gardening with the Kids

The Probate Process

The Escrow Process

Euphoria Pet Salon – Grooming Excellence!


Electric Car Charger

Euphoria Pet Salon

Termite Basics

Carbon Monixide

Home Loans

Garage Remore

LED Lights

Coat Drive

Buyer Guide


Christmas Cookies

How to take Title of your home

Christmas Lights

Market Interest Rates – Fall 2018

How to prevent a chimney fire

How to chose paint colors