Look, I don’t want to be one of those chicken little’s — The Sky is Falling  kinda gals.  However recently with the lava flows in Hawaii I started to see things in the news about earthquakes.  It is no news that we live in earthquake country.  The North American and Pacific Plates are moving at a rate of 2” per year.  That actually doesn’t sound too scary right?  2” per year is like nothing….except for the fact that 2” per year adds up.  Kind of like compound interest, but that is a different topic for another blog post!  So let’s do the math….in the last 5 years the plates have moved against each other at east 10”.  TEN inches?  That is a lot in five years.   In 20 years the plates will have moved 40 inches….that is a little over 3 feet.  Many of the online research sites explain that we have the earthquake fault lines to thank for the beautiful and treacherous mountain ranges.  Yikes!  You can see why the concern for public safety is so important.

So take a look at our video – get some of the items you feel would be the best to help prepare you and your family for when the next earthquake comes along.  It isn’t a matter of if, it is really a matter of when so be prepared!